Coloured Kits

Apart from manufacturing plain white bodywork, for our customers to paint in their own colours we also manufacture bespoke coloured bodywork to order.

These are not spray painted kits and are not sold as such, this is a budget alternative to spray painting.

If you are expecting a spray finish quality please do not purchase a coloured kit.

This is done in the mould using coloured Gels and Resins and means the colour is the same throughout the bodywork.This has the advantages of not showing any white scratches or scuffs if your fairing is damaged, this is a budget alternative (£70.00 per kit) to a paint finish. (Please note that a resin finish is not a paint and lacquer finish and does not have the same finish as a paint finish).

We have an extensive range of colours so please call for details. (Please note we are only able to finish each panel in one colour but we are able to take orders for different coloured panels and seat units etc within the kit you order).

Standard colours available are - Red - Green - Yellow - Blue - Black - White - Grey - Pink - Orange

Green we have as a Dark British racing type green and a Kawasaki Green

Blue we have a Dark Royal Blue and a Lighter Rizla type Blue

Coloured kits are a totally different process to spray painting and it is not possible to colour match to original factory colours.